Senior Naval Architect

At this company, the Senior Naval Architect is the driving force behind our vessel designs. Are you looking for a position that requires commercial as well as creative insight? Do you consider the changes in direction requested by the customer an opportunity to excel? If so, we would like to see your vessel, platform and semi-submersible designs, with our equipment as the starting point, come to life!

As Senior Naval Architect you contribute to the development of this companies’ products by adding your naval architecture expertise to the mix. You support our customers with their integration issues relating to existing vessels or with new construction projects developed by external parties. You design ships from the concept phase up to and including the basic design phase, and contribute to the development of the vessel design. The key design principle is to optimally integrate the mission equipment and to ensure that it functions optimally. 

Your work is primarily demand driven by the sales, concepts, product development and services departments, whereby you interact directly with our engineers, sales managers and CTO. Together with the different departments you assess the customer’s needs and requirements and translate these into an integrated concept. You check the concept for compliance with the relevant regulations and prepare the necessary specifications for the customer and shipyard.

Your designs vary from ‘ordinary’ monohulls optimised for the Gulf of Mexico, Brazil and West Africa (the golden triangle) up to semi-submersibles, specifically developed for the Arctic. There is a great deal of room for innovation and you are given room to develop more functional solutions that are not bound by standard market solutions. Creativity and inventiveness are a must, especially for these out-of-the-box solutions.

 In addition to your customer orientation, you provide internal support in the area of your naval architecture specialism. You are an expert for all colleagues at this company concerning things such as vessel motions, accelerations, stability and construction, and you regularly perform calculations to help your colleagues along.

 You closely study our equipment in order to speed up your design process. Naturally, specialists in other engineering departments stand ready to review your design choices with you. As Senior Naval Architect, we expect you to proactively involve the junior and intermediate engineers in your work and to share your experiences to help them progress to the next level. 

 Your characteristics

– Minimum of HTS training (higher education in engineering and technology) in Naval Architecture;

– Minimum 7 years experience in the design and calculations of vessels/installation vessels;

– Knowledge of the rules of various classification societies;

– Flexible, strong communicator, team player, strong in knowledge sharing, creative and customer-oriented;

– Good command of the English language, both orally and in writing. 

 The Naval Architecture department is responsible for preparing a concept ship design, developing this concept into a basic design with associated category classification. In addition to preparing the designs, the department is also responsible for carrying out all of the naval architectural calculations, for example, determining vessel movements and accelerations and designing foundations to support crane pedestals. When a client orders a ship design, this company supplies support and project management during construction at a shipyard.